Avantgarde tailor made cosmetics!

  • Orlab develops a cosmetics machine to produce individually tailor-made skincare products on the spot.
  • This machine is embedding a skin scan technology and proprietary algorithms to compose the best skincare for the customer's unique skin.
  • The creams are unique and customized for our customers and they are produced on the spot (in-shop/beauty salon/cosmetics professionals).

My Scan – My Skin

Lifestyle defined cosmetics,
Combining High Precision Analysis
with Professional Lab Quality


To compose the perfect formulation our algorithms are using information from 3 majours sources.

  • Client-related information (Age/Sexe/concerns/knowledge he/she have on his/her skin…)
  • Scan process and Analysis multi-criteria.
    (such as Redness/wrinkles/eyebags/black spots …)

My Creams

100% tailor-made cosmetics.
Millions of combinations with unrivaled precision dedicated to your skin needs


Based on your unique formulation the machine will start the filling process.
With the help of micro-pumps and precise scale,
We can deliver the exact amount of active ingredients to the right cream base.


The mixing process is done manually to get the best texture.

After mixing, the cream is ready for the customer.

My Private Space

Easily find all your Orlab care products history on-line, Skin scans, Analysis results, personalized creams and options to reorder and pick-up at your beauty salon.

  • Efficacy: what your skin needs at the right time.
  • Quality: test and certifications.
  • Traceability: from the laboratory to your skin.

Innovation at the service of our beauty experts

Our creams 100% adapted to your skin

Our creams are made from Active agents manufactured and certified by the most advanced French cosmetics laboratories on the market.

Millions of combinations for unrivaled precision dedicated to your skin care.

Orlab active innovations

Thanks to our state-of-the-art process, we especially created a new generation of connected machine.

Together with your beauty expert, you can better understand your skin and receive a cream customized for your skin in just a few minutes.

Leading cosmetics active ingredients

Our experts have specially selected a range of the most efficient Active Ingredients available from beauty science.

Orlab's method allow us to follow your needs and lifestyle while providing you with personalized formulas using much less preservatives than other standard cosmetic products.